Toru Naruse, Representative Director and President

Commitment to Sustainability

Efforts so far

Since our founding in 1948, we have worked to contribute to society under our management philosophy.
In particular, in the field of soundproofing materials for automobiles, which is our main product of the manufacturing division, we have focused on developing products using recycled materials. In addition, our sales division have strived to contribute to environmental conservation, local communities and society, through business activities such as providing various products using cutting-edge technology.

Future initiative

We will contribute to solving various problems through our business activities toward the realization of a sustainable society, which is the goal of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are the common goals of the international community. We take the expectations of our stakeholders seriously and will continue to improve our corporate value and achieve lasting development by continuing these activities.

What is SDGs...

It is abbreviation for "Sustainable Development Goals". Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, 17 global goals and 169 targets were set to achieve a sustainable society by 2030.

Initiatives for SDGs

Acquisition of ISO14001 (environmental management)

Since the Miyoshi Factory and Kariya Branch acquired ISO14001 certification in May 2001, we have set up a CSR/ISO Committee and have been working on company-wide improvement activities led by the committee.

Registration card

Registration card

ISO14001 certification list

Office First registration date
Miyoshi Factory, Kariya Branch May 15th, 2001
Head Office, Osaka Sales Office, Kurashiki Sales Office, Hitachi Sales Office, Hamamatsu Sales Office, Yonago Sales Office May 15th, 2007
Fukuoka Factory May 15th, 2008
Sendai Factory, Kasugai Factory May 15th, 2008

Local beautification activities

Aiming to be a company that is loved by everyone in the local community, our employees carry out cleanup and beautification activities around our offices.

11 住み続けられるまちづくりを

Traffic safety training and guarding

As a member of the automobile industry, we are particularly focused on traffic safety education. We hold regularly traffic safety seminars, and conduct joint patrols with neighboring companies, aiming for zero traffic accidents.

3 すべての人に健康と福祉を
11 住み続けられるまちづくりを

Use of recycled materials

We have produced soundproof parts for automobiles using raw materials that reuse old clothes and recycled glass.

12 つくる責任つかう責任

Forestation activities

As a part of our activities to protect greenery, we have contributed to the Sanage Forest Development Association, and are also focusing on enlightenment activities through the hands-on experience of thinning timber by our employees.

15 陸の豊かさも守ろう

Donation of park benches

We donated benches to Tsuruma Park, one of Nagoya's scenic spots, to provide a place of relaxation for citizens and visitors alike.

11 住み続けられるまちづくりを

Donation of LED lighting

We donated LED lighting from group company Hakko Sonic to Nagoya Castle and the Nagoya International Congress Center, to contribute to the prevention of global warming by reducing CO2 emissions.

7 エネルギーをみんなにそしてクリーンに
13 気候変動に具体的な対策を

Fundraising activities at disaster

In respect to natural disasters that hit Japan almost every year, our employees have been asking themselves, "Is there anything I can do to help?" Therefore, they have conducted voluntary fund-raising activities and cooperated in reconstruction assistance in the disaster-stricken areas.

3 すべての人に健康と福祉を
11 住み続けられるまちづくりを

Collecting used stamps

The collected used stamps have been used to various social contribution activities through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

1 貧困をなくそう

Eco cap movement

Through the Ecocap Promotion Association, the collected ecocaps have been used for social contribution activities such as medical support, support for people with disabilities, and environmental education for children.

3 すべての人に健康と福祉を
4 質の高い教育をみんなに

Bellmark movement

Through the Bellmark Education Grant Foundation, the collected Bellmarks have ben used for various educational assistance activities, aid to developing countries, and disaster-stricken schools.

4 質の高い教育をみんなに

Environmental Activity Report