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Message from the President

Representative Director and President Yoshikatsu Miwa
Representative Director and PresidentYoshikatsu Miwa

Since founded in 1948, Chugai has experienced tumultuous years from the ashes of the post-war era and is now entering a period of dynamic changes.
As times change, so does the company.
Our company's motto, "Development and Delivery", has been passed down as a philosophy to meet the needs of our customers. And now, we add a new perspective that puts our people, which are our irreplaceable assets, as the first priority, and aiming to become a strong and kind company.

Currently, "heat, sound, and light", which are the core of our business, are considered important not only in Japan's world-class automobile industry, but also in a variety of fields such as information and communications, housing equipment, and logistics. Here at Chugai, we have a “Sales Department” that anticipates needs and proposes plans, and a “Manufacturing Department” that boasts advanced technology and production capabilities. By linking these two strong foundations with the newly added “Solutions Department”, we will meet your expectations with even better product development.

And in the future, we will need to proactively take on new challenges, focus on the issues that society must address, and be flexible enough to navigate the any waves of era.

"Carve out the future with our own hands" - That is our determination here at Chugai. We will push forward to the next stage with it.
Let’s Design Chugai Future!

Business creed

Our company strives for the welfare of society and the happiness of our employees through a solid corporate culture and the prosperity of our business.
With a global perspective, our company constantly strive for product development and market development with an enterprising spirit.

Management policy

Based on "Customer First", we are thorough compliance, strive to realize the happiness of our employees through the sustainable development of our company, and at the same time aim to contribute to society.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the "trading company division" and "manufacturing division", we aim to further develop our business through mutual cooperation.

With a global perspective and an enterprising spirit, we strive to develop products and cultivate markets with dreams, hopes, and enthusiasm.

Inheriting the corporate culture of "sincerity" and "effort", we aim to create a more comfortable society and continue to take on new challenges.