About Chugai

About Chugai

Since its founding, Chugai has upheld the philosophy of "development and delivery" that we plan, develop, and deliver products that users want with manufacturers, and we have fllowing three core business;

  • "Trading company division" that we propose new businesses while exploring the needs of the era,
  • "Manufacturing division" that we boast advanced development technology and production capacity for sound,
  • Solution Division that we suggest optimal proposals for "sound absorption / sound insulation," "heat countermeasures," and "vehicle interior lighting" through simulations,

In addition to the three core business of above, we are developing business activities under a system that includes group companies, such as:

  • Manufacture of silicone rubber products that support electronic components in a wide range of applications (Fuji Polymer Industries Co.,Ltd. )
  • Manufacture of LED products specialized for lighting (HAKKOSONIC Co.,Ltd. )
  • Manufacture of EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam products (Epoch Molding Co., Ltd.)

The products lineup created under the excellent quality assurance system has been continuing to create new value to meet the needs of customers and the era in various fields, such as the automobile industry, which Japan boasts to the world, electronics, information communication, housing equipment, and logistics.

Sales division

Since its founding in 1948, Chugai's sales division has built up a diverse network of suppliers through transactions with customers in a wide variety of fields.
Based on our past performances, we have sales channels all over Japan.
Through thees sales channels, we accurately and quickly capture social and market trends and consumer needs, and provide manufacturers with feedback on the ever-changing market conditions, which helps us provide the solutions our customers need.

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Soundproof products

Soundproofing materials include sound absorbing materials that absorb sound and sound insulation materials that block sound, and then for noise such as engine and motor noise and road noise, these materials are used properly and installed in the right place.

Heat insulation and sound absorption products

These are heat damage countermeasure products with high heat shielding properties that can be installed in high temperature areas such as around engine, exhaust pipes, and mufflers. In addition, they have sound absorbing properties.

Foam products

Taking advantage of their ultra-light weight and excellent shock absorption properties, these are used for bumper absorbers to protect pedestrians, tibia pads to protect the lower legs of occupants, and seat core materials. These are also used in tool boxes due to its resilience.

Heat countermeasure products

These products solve thermal problems using various materials such as heat conduction, heat diffusion, and heat radiation for miniaturization and high functionality of electronic equipment.

Lighting products

These provide functional lighting with clear LED light, such as illumination that vividly directs the interior of the vehicle.

Electric/electronic products

We provide various electric and electronic products, such as control ICs used in electronic equipment, mobile-related parts, LED applied products, industrial equipment-related parts such as elevators, and erectric power-related parts.

Chemical products

We handle a wide variety of chemical products that are used in all industrial fields, such as automobile parts, electronic equipment, and aircraft.


In addition, we handle products in various categories to meet the needs of our customers.

Manufacturing division

As a soundproofing coordinator who pursues "sound" and proposes comfortable spaces, Chugai's manufacturing division enables direct and real-time information collection from the market through close ties with users, and then create products that the market demands, based on our concept of "development and delivery" that we plan, develop, and deliver products with manufacturers.

Research and Development

We research and evaluate the properties and formulations of various materials, and are working everyday to develop new materials and improve the properties of existing materials.


Using 3D CAD and CAE analysis tools, we design products and put the thoughts of the designer into the products as well as the customer's needs and manufacturing requirements.

Production engineering

We design molds that produce high-quality products, create highly efficient and safe processes, and deliver products to customers speedily.

Quality assurance

We are improving and maintaining quality of our products from stage of the development and design by hearing customer's needs.

Solution division

In addition to manufacturing and sales departments, we have newly established a solution department to meet the needs of our customers. We will cooperate with our customers to solve your problems with know-how we have acquired through handling a wide variety of products, and technology we have acumlated over many years, such as sound technology, heat countermeasures, and vehicle interior lighting simulations.

Sound solutions

We propose the realization of quietness with sound diagnosis, based on the concept of placing the appropriate soundproofing materials in the most effective locations.
We have evaluation facilities and measuring instruments for measuring sound, and have established a system for new product manufacturing.

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Thermal solution

This is a service that proposes optimal heat countermeasure products/configurations by using simulations for customers' heat-related problems and issues.
We also provide thermal design assistance and various thermal measurements.

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Lighting solutions

Using optical simulation, we propose optical parts such as light guides and light source units in the most suitable way.

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